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How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes



Did you know that one of the number one reasons your face could be breaking out is because your makeup brushes are not clean or not cleaned properly. Makeup brushes can be a hefty investment and it’s a good idea to know how to clean and maintain them. Keep reading to learn how.


Ideally your brushes should be cleaned on a daily basis, but who has time for that? Try to clean them at least once a week as this will remove old makeup, dirt, bacteria, oil and dead skin.


If you have sensitive or acneic skin buy duplicate brushes or disposable applicators to eliminate discomfort and breakouts.


How to Clean Your Brushes

I. Rinse: Facing down, run your brushes under low pressure water to breakup makeup buildup. Do this until the water runs clear.

II. Cleanse: Place a tablespoon of mild soap or shampoo in the palm of your hand and sweep the brushes back and forth in your hand.

III. Rinse: Run the brushes through low pressure water a second time to remove all soap from brushes. If the brushes are not completely clean repeat steps 1-3.

IV. Dry: With a clean cloth remove excess water and reshape brushes. Place them on a paper towel and hang over the counter to dry overnight.


Additional Tips:

  • For a deep clean soak your brushes in vinegar and water for 30 minutes prior to cleaning them.
  • If you want to clean your brushes daily opt for a brush cleaner spray (Available at most drugstores and cosmetic counters).
  • Remember that most brushes are made of real fur fibers and must be cared for like your own hair. It’s not a bad idea to condition them every once in a while to prevent shedding and maintain a soft feel.
  • Use brush protectors to prolong the life of your brushes.

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