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How to Sanitize Your Makeup



Sanitizing your makeup is essential to avoid acne, bacterial infections and cross contamination. See the below list on how to properly clean products and tools in your makeup bag.




Lipstick/ Lip Pencils 

Lipstick and lip pencils are the most used products at cosmetic counters and present the easiest way to get infections. Rule number one, never try on lipstick at the makeup counter unless it is sanitized by a sales consultant/ MUA. At home you can sanitize your lip products by pouring a small amount of 71% alcohol in a cup and dipping the lipstick/pencil into it. Wipe it off with a tissue and you are set. With lip-gloss wands these products are difficult to sanitize therefore if you are sharing or using on others use a disposable lip applicator. Note: Always sharpen pencils before sanitizing them. 

Cream Products (Concealer/ Foundation)
It is important to clean cream products as they attract and harbor the most debris from brushes and your fingers. Using alcohol wipes are sufficient for cleaning the lid and outside of containers but will not properly clean the cream product. A must have for me is Beuaty So Clean Sanitizing Wipes. They completelty sanitize and remove debris from cream products. Simply wipe the top of the cream product and its clean! Alcohol on a gauze works just as well. 
Powder Products (Eye-shadow/ Blush/ Face Powder)
If for your own use you can simply clean powder products by wiping the top layer of the product with a tissue. This can be done after each use or periodically. Beauty So Clean Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist is my all time favorite to clean powder products. This is essential if you are sharing products or are a professional makeup artist. It sanitizes and dries the product within seconds. With translucent powders, pour a small amount of product in the top this way you can simply sanitize the container top with an alcohol wipe after each use. 

Mascara Wands

Sanitizing mascara wands can be tricky. To avoid infections like conjunctivitis as well as stys and irritation, the number one rule is to NEVER share mascara. Cleaning mascara wands with alcohol will ruin the consistency of the product as well as may push bacteria into the tube if not cleaned properly. The only product that sanitizes mascara wands is Beauty So Clean. To be safe 1) Discard mascara after 3 months after opening 2) Never pump the mascara wand as it pushes bacteria into the product 3) If sharing on others (unused) ALWAYS use a disposable mascara wand. 

Makeup Brushes

See prior post on how to clean your brushes.

Product Expirations (Once opened):

Liquid Foundation: 3-6 months
Concealer: 6-8 months
Powder/ Eye-shadows/ Blush- 2 years
Mascara: 3 months
Lip gloss/ Lipstick: 1 year
Eye/Lip Pencils: 1 year

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