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Red Lipstick 101



Many women are afraid to wear red lips for a variety of reasons from not knowing how to choose a shade to thinking red lipstick is only for a sexy event. I’m here to help relieve you of your fear! Keep reading to find out how.


The key to wearing red lips is to choose an APPROPRIATE shade. For work or a conservative event choose a less dramatic shade. For a night out or a formal event a bold or bright red is perfect.


Things to keep in mind when choosing your shade:

Desired look (sexy= bold |  casual=light | fun=bright)

Occasion (office=conservative | formal event=deep)

Skin tone (fair=brick | olive=reddish pink | dark=wine)




What Shade Is Best For You?

                  Skin Tone  /  Shade

  • Pink/ Peach  /  Orange shade
  • Fair  /  Brick shade
  • Golden  /  Wine/cherry or bright coral shades
  • Mature Skin  /  Red/brown shade
  • Bronze  /  Red w/ a peach tint
  • Olive  /  Red w/ a pink tint
  • Dark w/ yellow tone  /  Matte red-orange shade
  • Dark/Deep w/ red tone  /  Wine crème/ stain/ gloss




Applying Red Lipstick

  1. Apply a lip balm/ lip conditioner
  2. Line your lips
  3. Apply lipstick with a lip brush for longer wear and to get the true shade
  4. Line the outside of your lips with concealer or foundation for a clean look




If you are still unsure… You can always opt to wear America’s favorite red, MAC Ruby Woo Its bold, matte, sexy enough for a glamorous event and chic enough for a run to the grocery store. A must have for every makeup bag!!!


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